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 ✓ Instruction in Second Grade begins 
  with a quick review of letters and
  numbers by stroke groupings.

 ✓ There are 32 lowercase
  worksheets and 19 
  uppercase/lowercase worksheets.

 ✓ Many teachers use the writing
  activity on the backside of the 
  worksheets as a Daily 5 activity.


 ✓ Students enjoy practicing “dot
  writing” (seen on the frontside of their
  worksheets.)  Students are only able
  to “dot write” the words if they print
  their letters with proper formation.




  ez Write


Stroke Review Lessons: The Second Grade teacher has a choice between two Worksheets.  If your students are new to ez Write it is important to spend more time working on learning the 8 Beginning Strokes.  Students who learned ez Write in First Grade will begin the year with a quick review of letters and numbers in their stroke groupings.



      32 Lowercase Lessons:  Students practice the letter of the
      day and then all the letters that begin with that stroke.  On
      the backside of the worksheet students trace and then copy
      the sentence.  Then they are asked to write a short story
      and draw a picture to illustrate their story.  Many 2nd Grade
      teachers use the backside of the worksheets as a Daily 5
      activity in their classrooms.



19 Uppercase and Lowercase Review Lessons: Students review the uppercase letters in their stroke groupings along with the lowercase letters.  On the backside of the worksheet the students continue to practice creative writing.  The backside of the worksheets work well as a Daily 5 activity.

Students were introduced to the ez Write Portfolio in First Grade and will continue to record their monthly Alphabet Races and journal entries through Fifth Grade.  The Portfolio is used as a formative assessment to monitor the student’s progress in creative writing and handwriting speed (automaticity).  The Teacher Portfolio is found in the Teacher Guide.  The Portfolio is an important component to the  success of the ez Write Program

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